We would definitely recommend Arranging Places to our friends. Cheryl is so easy to work with and helped us to find the right colors for our paint and carpet. She is reasonably priced, has lots of ideas and suggestions and is very enthusiastic about what she does.
Carolyn & Dan
Rancho Cordova
My clients who live in their homes for decades really accumulate tons of memorable objects. So everything they touch in the process of moving has an emotional tie. Cheryl takes the process and makes it less emotional while treating the sellers gently with a high level of care. She takes charge and does the job with such a positive attitude. Thank so much Cheryl! You are the best!
Lisa Shanahan
Century 21 Realtors
Cheryl was my first encounter with an interior designer (admittedly a little nervous) and did I hit a "home run" with Arranging Places. Cheryl was just great; from listening to my ideas and offering suggestions to improve, developing plans not only for the short run but also the long-term with a great eye for color and well versed in where to shop for great prices. The key for me in hiring Cheryl was her friendly, encouraging and helpful demeanor. If you are thinking about engaging an interior designer/decorator to help with your home check with Cheryl. You will be glad you did - I was!!
Fair Oaks
Cheryl works with existing home décor and also provides helpful suggestions for new additions. She is also very good with paint and color selections. She is truthful and has a very pleasing, nonjudgmental attitude and does not urge you to spend unneeded money. Cheryl helps you achieve the desired look and feel you want after listening carefully to you talk about how you want the finished job to look aesthetically and the emotion you are trying to invoke in your home. She provides excellent service and makes the experience fun!
Kristi & Hayworth
Cheryl is most professional and made us feel at ease, listened to our concerns and provided great suggestions. We had been in the "forest" so long, we couldn't see the trees. She helped us to get out of the rut and see things differently. We cannot express how much we appreciate your help.
Brenda & Dell
I haven't been able to stop smiling since Cheryl did my redesign a few days ago! For the first time, I am actually incredibly proud of my home and cannot wait to have company. My previous experience working with another interior designer was difficult, over-priced and a waste of time and money which was incredibly disappointing and discouraging. I'm so glad I found Cheryl - she was understanding, friendly, honest, and simply a joy to work with. As a new first time mom, Cheryl helped me pick baby-friendly pieces that were functional, beautiful and affordable. She even gave me new ideas of stylish ways to baby-proof my home. Aside from her phenomenal talent and skill, I appreciated her taking the time to listen to all of my concerns, answer any questions I had and explain why certain colors/patterns would work. She went above and beyond my expectations and I cannot wait to work with her again.
West Sacramento
We recommend the services of Arranging Places. The furniture rearrangement made our rooms appear larger and the decorative items they provided enhanced the appearance of our home. What was most helpful during our home staging was that we were able to use our existing furnishings.
Wes & Sachiko
Cheryl came to my home and viewed it with fresh eyes and came up with suggestions on how to arrange furniture, rugs, pictures, using what I already have to make each room more inviting and pleasant. She did this all within my budget. Her suggestions made me think outside the box, how important color is, how to enhance furniture with rugs, drapes, etc. I have put many of Cheryl's suggestions into place, what a difference! I'm stoked! Thank you, Cheryl!
Elk Grove
Cheryl, thank you for creating a unique look in our home that is so totally "us". Our home feels like the lobby of a tropical resort and is just the look we wanted. We love the paint colors and are so glad you advised us on the color of the living room carpet. It looks great with the wood floors, furniture and paint and really ties everything together. The bedroom colors look great with our furniture - very spa like. We purchased the dining room table and ceiling fan you suggested and the room now looks great and feels very balanced. Our home is so special and feels like some of the favorite places we have visited. Thanks for all your help and suggestions.
Kathy & Joe
Sun City - Lincoln Hills
Cheryl, I just had to pass on compliments from my landlords of this 1887 Queen Anne style Victorian home I've rented. They said that it is decorated better and cuter than anyone else has done in the past! Thanks to your expertise you found uses for almost all the furniture from my last home ... I could never have gotten it to this state without your help! Thanks much."
Arranging Places helped me to create a living space that is restful, beautiful and fresh - all done using mostly things I already owned. Working with Cheryl and her team has been a wonderful experience from start to finish! I am looking forward to future projects using Arranging Places!
Cheryl was referred to me by a professional associate who utilized Arranging Places to remodel a kitchen and update an older home. She worked with my color palette ideas to come up with the best paint colors for my home. I was so pleased that she was willing to help me with a simple painting project. I feel confident that Cheryl will work with the furniture and accents I have to re-"Arrange" our "Place".
Thank you for the beautiful job you and your team did in staging my recent East Sacramento listing. I'm confident that your expertise helped us to sell the home quickly and at the full asking price. What more could a realtor and seller want! I look forward to working with you again.
Vickie Smolich
GBC Realtors
I cannot recommend Cheryl highly enough. She is simply the best find out there. I called for assistance in rearranging some furniture and was so impressed by the whole package that she brings. She knows just how to move things around to brighten the energy of any room. And beyond her exceptional eye for detail is her refreshing down to earth presence. She genuinely loves helping people improve their environment in the most cost effective and efficient way. She is not selling any high-priced items, simply providing a beautiful and amazing service.
Thank you Arranging Places for the beautiful transformation of my bedroom! It has become my after dark sanctuary where I can read, write and watch tv. My bedroom is no longer just a place to sleep but a place where I can spend my evenings. I love it, love it— thank you so much for my new room!
Rancho Cordova
Thank you, Cheryl, for the excellent service. The whole redesign process was helpful and you did a great job in changing the "look" of my rooms. I highly recommend your services to others.
El Dorado Hills
I appreciated the excellent service of Arranging Places from the first consultation to the finished product. It was well worth it for me to get the expertise of a professional decorator. Cheryl was great at using my things to arrange the rooms and walls very attractively.
El Dorado Hills
Thank you for the miracle you performed on our home last week! You and your team transformed our house into the beautiful home we have always wanted. We appreciate all the little touches and the big moves you did. You assembled our belongings in way that fits perfectly together – it feels right, it feels comfortable, and it feels pretty! We are once again proud of our home and can invite friends and family over.
Joyce & John
San Francisco
We just wanted to say Thank You, and to express how much we appreciate all of the work you have done at the office and home. Everything looks great, and we could not have done it without you.
Kaneski Associates
The redesign has worked out great! You used what I had and made it work without any new major purchases.
Cameron Park
We have lived in Newport Coast for 8 years and have arranged our living room several times over the years to try to get it looking good but functional and comfortable as well. Cheryl came in and arranged it in a way that we had never thought of. It now looks great, is functional and very inviting - just what we were looking for! Thanks Cheryl for your creative vision.
Greg & Linda
Newport Coast
Cheryl came to our house for a consultation, and gave us some great ideas. She went through the house, room by room, and gave us suggestions on accessories, color and artwork that would complement the room. We had a lot of things that we accumulated over the years and since many of the items were personal, we wanted to incorporate them into our decor. We were at a loss as to which ones should go where, and Cheryl helped us to put them in the right places that made the most appeal. Thank you Cheryl!
Joe & Erie
Gold River
Thank you for the excellent service. Your ability to listen to what I wanted and then translate that into appropriate furnishings was most helpful. You did a good job at a reasonable price.
Thank you for the staging job that you did at my home. You made it more attractive and spacious and really brightened it up. You helped sell my house quickly! I love what you did so much that I want you to help me set up my new home!
I am a pretty confident home decorator. But Cheryl has a wonderful eye for color and scale, and she always has fresh and thoughtful ideas. She helped me with paint colors throughout my home, and with decisions about sofa and area rug placement. Whenever I need a second opinion about a project, or a totally new perspective, I call Arranging Places!
RAncho Cordova
Cheryl helped us reimagine a very difficult space that needed to incorporate multiple functions, and managed to come up with alternatives that we had not previously envisioned.  We absolutely recommend the services of Arranging Places
Shawn and Kathy
Cheryl is the most talented, professional designer you could ever work with. She has an amazing eye for pulling everything together, even working with pieces that you already have! She is always up on the top trends and styles, always on time, always within budget, always professional and fun to work with. She is always flexible and available to answer questions - she is the perfect person to trust with your design needs. I have worked with Cheryl on several projects and highly recommend Arranging Places. I know you will be more than happy with her amazing services.
West Sacramento